Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cousins - L Ron Hubbard - Founder of Scientology

In the initial pages of "Going Clear," the book about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and about Scientology, I noted that his mother was a Waterbury.  I have Waterbury's in my blood, so I did some poking.  Sure enough, Cousin Ron and I descend from the same Waterbury back in 17th Century Connecticut (see below, chain).

Notice any resemblance?

Layfayette Ronald Hubbard (1911 - 1986)
is your 7th cousin 3x removed
mother of Layfayette Ronald Hubbard
father of Ledora May Waterbury
father of Lafayette O. Waterbury
father of Abraham D Waterbury
father of William Waterbury
father of William Waterbury
father of Thomas Waterbury
John Waterbury (1650 - 1688)
father of Thomas Waterbury
son of John Waterbury
son of David Waterbury
son of Captain David Waterbury
son of Daniel Waterbury
daughter of Jonathan Waterbury
son of Amy Waterbury
son of Elias Blaney
daughter of George M Blaney
son of Bessie Leona Blaney
son of Lloyd Vincent La Porte
You are the son of Ronald Lloyd La Porte
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