Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Back . . .

Its been a month since the last post and, ironically, its not because there hasn't been a lot of genealogical activity.  Since then, I've gotten a pretty valuable record back from the Presbyterian archives in Philadelphia.  I hired a paralegal from a friend's law firm to schlep down there for me to find this:

This is the marriage record of my 3GRGR to his first wife, Jane Garrow.  Also, since last post, I've come across a VERY distant relative, Jonathan Treatault.  We determined that we are 4th cousins once removed.  He descends from Jane Garrow's brother, Adolphus.  His work lead me to the conclusion that my "Jane" was likely the "Genevieve" that many folks had in their trees. Not only was the French "Genevieve" frequently Anglicized to "Jane" but Garrow and Garrand were also frequently interchanged.

The connection, though, to his work was from the mother of Jane Garrow, Sylvie Genevieve Masse.  The "Masse" last name was close to Mosse/Mossey that I'd seen referenced frequently in my 3GRGR's Civil War Pension file.  Jules' second wife was a woman named "Emily Moss" but was also frequently referred to as "that Mossey girl" and Mossey/Moss. She also said in her affidavit that she was cousins with Jules' first wife, Jane Garrow.  So, it made sense that her father was brothers with Jane Garrow's mother.  The Masse name provided the connection.

Jonathan grew up in Mooers, New York, where these folks all used to live and speaks a bit of French, so he's got some background and reference materials that could help in connecting Jules' father Charles to the established list of La Porte descendants from "Hughes LaPorte dit St Georges" in France and Jacque de La Porte dit St Georges here in North America / Quebec.

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