Monday, April 30, 2012

I've recently "concluded" that a photograph that had been bugging me for a while is, in fact, my great grandfather, Henri LaPorte.  See below:

Henry, I've concluded, is second from the right.  He was born in 1885 and looks to be about 20 or so here, so I'd guess the photo is taken about 1905 +/- 5 years.

Henry had an older brother William Moses (11 years his senior) but I have no idea what he looked like. The guy on the far left seems to be much older than 32 or 33 years old.  He also had a younger brother Orlando Joseph, (9 years his junior).  I suppose if I'm underestimating Henry's age by as much as 5 years, then the kid with the dog might be Orlando.

Its possible, but I've yet to confirm whether he had a third brother, Edouard, who would have been 3 years older).  I've seen baptismal/birth references, but he doesn't appear in any census records.  Its possible, though, that his birth year (1882) would have slid him, but he doesn't appear in the 1892 Census record along with Moses and his family, as you'd expect.

Its quite possible that these are relatives of Mary Goodrow, Henry's mother, who were also variously spelled Gaudreau, and Goodreau among other things.

I did recently stumble across a reference that my Great Aunt Agnes was visiting her cousin, Mr. and Mrs. George Patnode, the "Mrs." of this couple being Mary Goodrow's niece, Delphine Ladouox (Agnes Goodrow's daughter -- Agnes and Mary were sisters). So, there does seem to be precedent for these LaPorte and Goodrow cousins to get together.

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