Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Henri - Trainman

I never knew my great Grandfather, Henri Andrew LaPorte.  He died in 1955, long before I was born.  According to my dad, he like his work (or didn't like hanging out with his wife - or, some combination of the two) to the extent that even after two heart attacks, he returned to work on the Delaware and Hudson Railroad, where he had his third, final heart attack.

Here he is with some of his colleagues doing the job that he loved:


  1. I have a couple of pictures of your great-grandfather, Fred Maloney, another railroad man. Engineer for the Erie RR.

  2. Pat: I think that I've seen these -- probably on your Flickr site. My mom reminded me of exactly this fact when she was visiting recently. I told my daughter that her 2nd Great Grandpa drove a "choo choo" and your sister reminded me that Fred Maloney did as well -- so I dug up those photos too!