Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Great Photos of Biking Relatives

I wish I could push the bike-o-philia back another generation or two, but for now, I've got to be satisfied with the last couple.

That's my older brother Dave on the back of my dad's step-through.  Sweet safety feature covering the spokes in back.

I've been scanning a lot of old photos lately and not as focused on tree building or on searching for info.  But there's been some of that and I'll share some soon, including a rape/murder that I uncovered involving a VERY distant relative (by marriage) Joseph Centreville, as well as a Hatfield vs McCoys type of family feud on the Rock side of my family.


  1. This was a rental bike and we were biking on mackinac Island. When we got home I got a bike and child seat. That's how I got around for several years as we were a 1 car family.

  2. Here's a link to the bridge cam that connects the Upper and Lower peninsula of Michigan

  3. I love how biking has been around and part of our "frugal" LaPorte living for years!!