Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gilbert Jesse - Civil War Pension File . . . Not Much

I got the Civil War Widow's Pension file from the National Archives today.   Not much in there.  Nothing new.  I suspect that many others have already seen it as it contains information that many others have included in their genealogies of Gilbert Jesse, including:

  1. First wife named Armenia Raymo (who, I suspect was born Hermine Raymond, or similar) d. 16 Feb 1866;
  2. Second wife (pension claimant) married under the name Catherine Forteau (not clear if this is her second marriage as well);
  3. Service in Co. C of the 91st Regiment of the N.Y. Volunteers;
  4. Honorable discharge on 10 Jun 1865;
  5. Death on 16 Feb 1884;
  6. Children:
    • Joseph (b. 22 Aug 1868)
    • Peter (b. 26 Dec 1869)
    • George (b. 15 Feb 1873)
    • Mary (b. 25 Oct 1874)
    • Delphine (b. 28 (??) Aug 1877) (my 2nd Great Grandmother)
    • Maggie (b. 1 Jun 1879)
She was not able to sign her name, indicating that she was either illiterate or unable to read and write English (or both). Census records indicate that she could neither read nor write English.

While I noted in my order the existence of both a Widow's pension and an invalid pension, it appears that only the Widow's Pension file was searched.  I'll follow up with the National Archives to see if there is anything further.


  1. His son, Joseph, was born 102 years to the day before me. And his daughter, Delphine, 63 years to the day before dad.

  2. They also had a two born a day after holidays (Dec 26 and Feb 15), although I don't know my Valentine's Day history well enough to know whether it existed as a holiday that far back.

    This sticking point at Gibert Jesse and Catherine Forteau (maybe Fortin and also maybe Martin) is one of only a handful on Dad's side that is current "roadblocked" at this generation. Most others are traced back with very good documentation into the early 1700s and often in into the 1600s. The Catholic Church in Quebec was, in a word, AWESOME, at keeping records of births, marriages, and burials of their parishioners, and the parishioners were pretty good about getting to church to be "counted."

    On Dad's side, the only other roadblocks are with William Cox (3rd Great Grandfather, father of Cynthia Cox, who married George Blaney). That one could be tricky. Then, there is the roadblock at John Blaney -- which may go back to Ireland and be nearly impossible to find (although there is a suggestion that John is the cousin of "Lord Blaney" so that degree of wealth might be easier to find). The other promising lead but still getting nowhere is a "Dupre" family who married Blaney's.