Thursday, January 17, 2013

Died in a Carriage Accident

Joseph Rock died in a carriage accident.  He was another of my 3GRGRs -- my paternal grandmother (Jennie Rock La Porte)'s Great Grandfather (if you trace through her father, Henry "Clayton" Rock, but  2nd Great Grandfather if you trace through her mother, Isabel Rock -- as they were first cousins once removed).

In any case, I had been monitoring the "Clinton County" boards and noticed some activity regarding my 4th GRGR, Paul Larocque and Marie Duseault. There is some confusion as to who their children were.  One post mentioned Joseph being killed in a carriage accident, which I'd never heard about, so I got to investigating.  Best source for this is the Northern New York Library newspaper archives.  I quickly found the "errata" that was published a week after the initial article:

so, I needed to dig further.  In the papers a week earlier was this:

Not that there are "good" ways to go in an absolute sense, but there must be "better" ways relatively speaking and this one seems like a "not good" way to go.  I cannot help but get an image of this all happening as part of the opening sequence of an episode of Six Feet Under.

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