Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is NOT Charles Brouillard

It must run in the family -- the false photos, that is.  We looked here, at the various issues with the "photo" of Jean Baptiste Brouillard and his wife, Magdeleine St Laurent.  Well, THIS IS NOT Charles Brouillard (b. 1668, d. 1692), as more than 60 ancestry.com members (who feature it on their public trees) seem to think:

The Google for the image shows a "stock image" web site, called "Diomedia."  Its not easy to find, but loading the "cached" page rather than the search result makes it easier to find that its "Gilbert  Wakefield," not Charles Brouillard.  Wakefield was English not French and appears to have lived about a hundred years after Brouillard.

Sadly, the Google image search for "Charles Brouillard" returns this image above as its second result -- a thumbnail from ancestry.com.

Take this photo out of your trees, folks.  Its NOT Charles Brouillard.

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