Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introduction - Purpose

I'm going to start blogging about genealogy, family, history, and such here at 3GRGR (My Third Great Grandfather).

My (paternal) third Great Grandfather is Julius (maybe Jules) LaPorte.  I got into genealogical research about a year ago and quickly (with a slight stumble at his son) went up my father's "La Porte" lineage but got stuck on him.  I'm still researching him and have a decent idea who his father might be.  But its still not conclusive.

Here, I'll report on my work, sharing my experiences in researching him, including what I learn about doing "proper" genealogical research so that you can avoid my mistakes.  Also, it'll serve as a diary and record of what research I've done to avoid duplicating it, leaving "live leads" unfinished, or forgetting something.

They say that blogs are nicer to see and read if there are pictures.  I don't have one of Julius, but here's his son, my Second Great Grandfather, Moses LaPorte (b. 1853 d. 1941).

The woman on the left (I think) is Lilian Dolphin, Moses' granddaughter-in-law (my Great Uncle Ward's first wife).  This is from a collection of photos from my great grandmother, Elizabeth "Bessie" (Blaney) LaPorte.  Its marked "August 1941," which would have been only about 4 months before Moses died.  Handsome fella, isn't he?

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