Monday, March 12, 2012

When a Blog Post Could Have Multiple Titles

I was toying with the title of this entry and had things like "The Apple Fell Right NEXT TO The Tree" and "The More Things Change, the More They Stay The Same" and "Photo Archiving and Genealogy" and all sorts of other stuff.

But to the post:  As part of the genealogical research that I'm doing, I'm also taking on the more general role in my family of "historian," which in my book includes taking custody of family photos and digitizing them so everyone has access.  I bought a cool photo negative / slide scanner a few weeks back and have been tinkering with it using some of my old negatives.  I hadn't done a slide until this morning because I didn't have one . . . until yesterday.  I stumbled on a slide that I took from my folks several years back when I was a poor student and my Christmas presents were blowing up photos into 8 x 10s and framing them in cheap frames.

This is one that DIDN'T make the cut.

Based on my appearance in the photo and recognizing the living room as our old house at 36522 Baghdad Drive in Sterling Heights, Michigan, I'm going to say its circa 1973, making it about 39 years old.  I should note that the eye wear fashion in 39 years either hasn't changed (as I'm wearing almost EXACTLY those glasses my dad has on right now) or, neither of us has any fashion sense . . ..


  1. Just realized in looking at this picture that the top picture is reversed.

  2. I think that the first couple of slides that I scanned, I scanned backwards, as you noted. I think there's another with your mother and dad in front of the grandfather clock. I noticed that the clock face was backwards! This one wasn't as obvious to me.