Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ancestry / Facebook

Is anyone using the "new" Facebook App for  I'm a bit skeptical that it really adds anything for anyone who is beyond a "beginner" level in assembling a family tree.

I have used Facebook on MANY occasions to build my tree and to figure out who family was in distant branches when I've been building "descendant" charts for some of my ancestors.  Lets be honest, when you are putting together a descendants chart for a 2nd great grandfather, its going to get big and its going to contain a ton of people you don't know.  It also going to contain a ton of living people, who are just hard to research through publicly-available information.

Thankfully, a ton of people on Facebook, have no idea on how to control (or simply don't want to control) their privacy settings.  So, I've been able to figure out some pretty widespread relationships using Facebook, using shared public photos of very distant relatives, etc.

I'm just not sure that I see much value in the new app. Curious to know what others think.


  1. I clicked on the 'Facebook App' in this post and the first thing I saw was a blurb from a "satisfied" user saying, "I added 90 people to my family tree in just a few minutes. It was easy!" This told me right away that this is not for genealogists but for "name collectors." There is a difference.

    1. That was pretty much my impression. Given how much I distrust FB in its handling of personal information, I'm so skeptical that i'm not even signing up to "test" it out.