Sunday, October 14, 2012

My 6th Great Grandparents . . . Twice

Louis Thierren and Monique Chatel are my sixth great grandparents, twice. They had both Marie Marthe Thierren (b. 1774) and Marie Angelique Thierren (b. 1775).  Marthe married Paul Larocquebrune and they are the ancestors on my "Rock" side. Angelique is an ancestor through a sequence of maternal lines, easier illustrated below than described:

   Marie Angelique THERRIEN (1775 - 1803)
is your 5th great grandmother,
Daughter of Marie Angelique
Daughter of Marguerite
Son of Christine
Son of Edward "Henry"
Daughter of (Henry) Clayton
Son of Jennie Delphine
You are the son of Ronald Lloyd 

Christine Labonne is where the two sisters intersect: Christine married Joseph Larocque, who's father was Paul Larocque and who's grandmother was Marthe Thierren.

I'm working on filling in as many of the 512 people who are my 6th great grandparents (2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 1GRs, 32 2GRs, 64 3GRs, 128 4GRs, 256 5Grs, and 512 6GRs).  The French Canadian side is actually possible to fill out completely at that level -- although some of the non-French lines have been challenging (Cox's, Blaneys, for example). On my mother's side, those 256 are likely a lifelong challenge as a vast majority are Irish and I've not even begun to delve into that (mostly since my Uncle Patrick Eagan handles that side of the family far better than I could imagine to).

In any case, it now looks like my father's side will have no more than 254 instead of 256. I'm curious whether others will be duplicated at different levels.

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