Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Direct Ancestral Path to Jacques De La Porte dit St Georges

When I began researching my family history, among the first "goals" was to find my connection to Jacques de LaPorte dit St Georges, the first "LaPorte" in North America and the one responsible for the vast majority of people with that name here in this country.

I first successfully identified a path to him as a direct ancestor not through LaPortes, but through my father's maternal grandparent's lines.  Both Rocks were descended from Philibert Couillaud, who married one of Jacques' daughters, Catherine LaPorte.

Since then, I have persuasively established the connection through the LaPortes after a long pause at my 3GRGR because of his use and his parents use of the last name "Denis" for a period of years.

Recently, as I've been filling in ancestral gaps in my French Canadian lines, I just found another line (giving me three total that go back to him).  This latest is through his daughter Suzanne (b. 1676 d. 1743).  Suzanne married a man named Pierre Menard (b. abt 1672 d. 1743) (not this Pierre Menard), son of Pierre Menard St Onge.

Pierre Menard is my 8th Great Grandfather.

Pierre Menard St Onge (1672 - 1746)
is your 8th great grandfather
Son of Pierre
Son of Pierre
Daughter of Theophile
Daughter of Catherine
Daughter of Marie Anne
Daughter of Julia Brière
Son of Hattie
Daughter of (Henry) Clayton
Son of Jennie Delphine
You are the son of Ronald Lloyd -

His wife, Suzanne, is my Seventh Great Grand Aunt.

Suzanne de la Porte dit St Georges (1676 - 1743)
is your 7th great grand aunt
Father of Suzanne
Son of Jacques
Son of Paul
Son of Denis
Son of Pierre
Son of Charles
Son of Julius
Son of Moses Julius
Son of Henri Andrew
Son of Lloyd Vincent
You are the son of Ronald Lloyd.

So, through Pierre Menard and Suzanne LaPorte, Jacques is my 9th Great Grandfather.  Through the LaPorte side, though, he is my 8th Great Grandfather (through Philibert Couillaud and Catherine LaPorte, he is also my 9th Great Grandfather).  I would NOT be surprised if there are other paths to Jacques.

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