Wednesday, October 3, 2012

French Canadian Research Source

I'd been mucking about PRDH recently and saw their news blurb about teaming with Genealogy Quebe / Quebec Records.  I'd not been familiar with them before.  If you haven't either, check them out.

It is a subscription service, but for $13 CAD / month, you get 75 image views per day.  If you don't view the images, you can still get indexed / summary version of the information w/o charge against your image limit.  Index references like this one:

You can see the link to the .jpg image if you want it in the upper right, but if you are just looking for info, you can skip that and save the credit.  But lets be honest, 75 images per day is actually quite a lot.

So, for $13 / month ($13.54 based on the exchange rate this a.m.) you can get some pretty fantastic searching of the indexed records from Quebec.

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