Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another 3GRGR Dead End

Since I've linked up my LaPorte 3GRGR (for whom this blog is named), I've begun to focus my research on other parts of the tree.  I've been filling in folks in various "descendant's reports."  I've been climbing up the tree to fill in direct ancestors, which is easier than you'd imagine in Quebec -- many lines being complete back to fifth, sixth, and beyond great grandparents.

In filing in these "holes," I have come across a stopper -- Gilbert Simond Jesse -- another 3rd Great Grandfather, related as follows:

Gilbert Simond Jesse (1822 - 1884)
is your 3rd great grandfather
Daughter of Gilbert Simond
Daughter of Delphine Josephine
Daughter of Isabel
Son of Jennie Delphine
You are the son of Ronald Lloyd

St. Alexander's in Morrisonville, New York has transcribed burial records online here, which show him to have died in 1884. There isn't any direct record for Gilbert Jesse, but there are several references to folks who are related to him - children, spouses, etc.

One first hiccup was his wife. It seemed that her name was Catherine Martin, which would be consistent with some census records, referring to Catherine and Kate.  But there is also reference on that page to some Martin-Fortin's, which might also be her pedigree.

One further confusing thing is that on, there are a number of public trees that list Gilbert Simond Jesse has having a first wife, Armenia Raymond and having several children by her.  Those children all seem to have been born before the start of the US Civil war, in which Gilbert Jesse might have fought (I've ordered a copy of the pension filed for Gilbert Jesse to see if its the right person and also if there is any pertinent information).  The pension claimant is "Kate Jesse" which is consistent with a surviving wife named Catherine Martin.

These trees, however, don't give a date of death for "Armenia," which if Gilbert had two wives, would seem to be sometime before the war. In any case, it seems possible that 3GRGR Gilbert Jesse had two families, one pre-war and one post-war.

I cannot get back into Canada/Quebec with Gilbert, though. This is likely a function of the Anglicizing of whatever his true French last name was.  I've seen online in various discussions that the Jesse name (which appears in at least one census record as "Jessa") has appeared variously as Jesse, Jessey, Jessie, Jersey, Jessa and could derive from Gaisson/Giasson or Chaisson/Chiasson.

This is the new project . . ..


  1. Hi there my name is Patrick Michael Jessey. I'm not sure how helpful this may be to you. My GGgrandfather was George Jessey 1871-1958. Son of Gilbert Simond Jessie born in Canada june 15th, 1822. Here's a good link for you!

    It helped me immensely. If you unroot anything else in direct
    relation to this blood line it'd be great to hear from you! My email is hope I helped.

  2. Patrick - thanks for the note and link. i had seen that before and it helped me fill in YOUR GGranfather George's information.

    I've not gotten any further leads as of yet, but I'm hoping (although skeptical) that we can find something in the civil war pension file.

    I have ordered just one other such file -- my 3GRGR Julius - and it had a ton of information, including mention of other wives that I was unaware of.

    I'm hoping that at least in the widow's pension, there is some marriage info for Gilbert at least in the path for Kate Martin/Fortin to prove that she is the legitimate widow of Gilbert Jessee.

    I'll keep you posted -- if not directly than at least here on the blog. Thanks for reaching out.