Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Enos" Is Anglicized "Ignace," Which is Sort of Obvious . . . In Hindsight

I've been filling in ancestors from information and documents in the "La France" database at Genealogie Quebec.  I had hit a small road block with a 4th Great Grandfather on my dad's side, tracing up through his mom.  "Enos Dashnaw" or "Enos Dagenais" (depending on when or which record you see) was giving me problems.  I knew that "Enos" wasn't a French name, but I could not for the life of me figure out from what name it derived.

Somewhere -- maybe the St. Alexander's burial records at Rootsweb, perhaps, I stumbled upon a record referring to an "Ignatius" with similar data points. Still, at this point, I wasn't seeing anything. But then it clicked.  Ignatius in latin, Ignace in French.  And "Ignace" pronounced properly (Eeeg Nass) is a heck of a lot like "Enos."

Thanks to that Latin reference, I was able to find what now seems like an obvious Anglicization in hindsight.

I am descended from Ignace Dajenais / Enos Dashnaw and his second wife Rosalie Lantier, who was also known as Rosella Larkin.  Perhaps more on the many forms of "Dagenais" in a later post.

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