Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3GR Uncles and Aunts

I had known/suspected that Julius LaPorte had siblings -- some speculated that Julian, Julius, Francis Nelson, and Joseph LaPorte were all brothers living in and around Mooers, New York. In a series of posts, here and here, for example, I've started to show the father-son link between "Julius LaPorte" in the United States and "Charles Denis" in Quebec.  And, also, the sibling relationship between Julius and Julian and Julius and Francis Nelson, which is evidenced later, among other ways, through Julius's Civil War Pension file.

I've started to dig through church records from St. Marguerite de Blairfindie in L'Acadie, St Jean Sur Richelieu in Quebec, Canada. In those, with the help of my cousin, Jonathan Tetreault, we've been able to locate Julius and Julian (both listed as "Julien"s).  These records showed births in 1810 and 1815.  But this was a long way away from the first child that I was aware of between "Charles LaPorte" and "Marie Guenet."  Charles "Junior" was born in 1798, according to the PRDH site. That left a lot of child-bearing years in between a first child (born two years after their marriage) and the births of the two siblings I confirmed.  So, I went browsing through images and found (so far):

Charles, born 5 Jan 1798.
Marie, born 27 Jun 1800.
Louis, born 11 Feb 1803.
Antoine, born 24 Oct 1804.
Adelaide, born 16 Jul 1807.
Julien (a/k/a Julian), born 12 Jan 1810.
Julien (a/k/a Julius), born 22 Apr 1815.
Marguerite, born 1 May 1817.
Joseph, born 2 Mar 1820.
Francois, born 8 Oct 1822.

[UPDATE] We've found another one -- Pierre, born 4 Dec 1812.

This is what I've got so far.  There may be some kids in those gaps greater than 18 months -- maybe -- and I'll check again, but I think that this is close.

I also found the burial record for Joseph, later in 1820, so this doesn't seem to confirm a "Joseph LaPorte" related to my 3GRGR later in Mooers, New York.  So, more digging needed there.

Also, burial records and tombstones suggest that Francis Nelson was born about 1813.  While there is a gap there that I need to investigate, I also wonder if this might be Francois born later. Initially, I had Julian born about 1803 or possibly 1807 and it now looks like he was born in 1810.  Nine years seems a long time to mistake for your birth date, though.

No idea how many of these folks survived childhood.  Louis and Joseph didn't.  The former died in 1809 at about six years old, the later, as noted above in 1820 as an infant. Also, no idea how many meandered south across the U.S. - Canada border.  Whoever did, though, may have come as a "Denis" rather than a "LaPorte."

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