Friday, September 28, 2012

The Children of 3GRGR

For a while, I've been neglecting the children of my 3GRGR, Julius.  I know of my 2GRGR Moses and have some work on him -- a few photos, vague knowledge of him as both a lumberman and a farmer, an affidavit in his father's pension file, but not a ton more.

What I'm decidedly lacking, though, is much information on his siblings.  I know from the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census that he had siblings -- several. In 1850, the census shows:

In line 3, Julius appears BELOW the man we believe was his father, Charles, who was reported in the household of Julien, Julius's brother.  With him were Jane (Mary "Jane" Garrow / Marie Genevieve Garrant), Edouard, age 8 (b. c.1842), Amelia, age 9 (b. c.1841), Mary, age 4 (b. c.1846), and Louisa, age 1 (b. c.1849).  No Moses . . . yet.

In 1860, the census for Mooers, New York, shows:

Julius and Mary Jane in lines 1 and 2 with children (presumably the same as from 1850) Melvina, age 20 (presumably the "Amelia" listed in 1850), Mary, age 16 (presumably the Mary in 1850, although the ages are two years off), Louisa, age 12 (presumably the same Louisa as in 1850).

Additionally, there are, Moses, age 7 (b. c.1853 - my 2GRGR), and Sophie/Sophia, age 4, (b. c.1856), who were not born when the 1850 census was taken.

By 1870, Julius appears in the Census with only his wife (the woman I believe was his third wife) and living next door to a family headed by a man who I think was his nephew, Nelson (Francis Nelson's son):

In line 25, Julius, age 51 appears with "Sarah" age 27. This "Sarah" I think is a woman referred to in his Soldier's Pension and a later Widow's Pension as "Salome Lajeunesse."  I don't know much about this wife other than when he married her and when she died. Julius appears to have married her shortly after his second wife left/was kicked out, shortly after his service in the Civil War ended. According to my 2GRGR's pension affidavit, Ms. Lajeunesse died in 1878.  It sounds as though most of Julius's children had moved away or died by the time of the third wife, although this isn't entirely clear.  Moses and Sophia would have only been about 10 and 8, respectively in 1865 and only 15 and 13 by 1870, when the census was taken.

I've not been able to find my 2GRGR or any of his siblings in the 1870 Census and none of them except Moses in later census records. Oddly enough, the closest that I've come to finding a sibling is locating a woman who suspect might be Moses's half sister, by Julius's second marriage to Emily Moss.

Along with finding Francis Nelson and figuring if he was, in fact, Julius's brother, the next big task needs to be Julius's own children.

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