Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Fourth Great Grandparents' First Child - My 3rd Great Grand Uncle Charles

After marrying on 13 July 1796, Charles LaPorte-Denis and Marie Marguerite Guenet had their first child, Charles.  Charles the younger appears in the same church records as the LaPorte-Denis / Guenet marriage -- St Marguerite de Blairfindie:

On 4 Jan 1798, Charles was baptised:

My French is horrible, so here is what I can decipher:
Le cinq janvier mil sept cent quatre vingt dix huit . . . baptisme Charles ne la nuit precedent[,] du legitime marriage de Charles Denis de de Marie Pelagie Guenet . . . 

Roughly (by me) translated, it says:
On January 5, 1798, is the baptism of Charles, who was born the night before [4 Jan 1798] of the legitimate marriage of Charles Denis and Marie Pelagie Guenet . . . .
It then lists (I think) either the witnesses or the God parents.  There looks to be a reference to an "Alexandre" and also to "Marie Dejadon."  The Marie Dejadon may refer to Marie Guenet's mother.

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