Saturday, September 1, 2012

Descended from the First La Porte in North America

With a pretty fair degree of confidence, I can now say that it is highly likely that we are descended from the very first "LaPorte" in North America - Jacques de LaPorte dit St Georges.  I'll be detailing the lineage and supporting documentation (as I've done a bit below) in further posts.  For now, here is the "executive summary."

Jacques Georges de LaPorte dit St-Georges (1627 ~ 1698  to 1702)
is your 8th great grandfather
Paul Laporte dit St George (1659 - 1736)
Son of Jacques Georges
is your 7th great grandfather
Denis La Porte (1704 - )
Son of Paul
is your 6th great grandfather
Pierre La Porte Denis (1730 - )
Son of Denis
is your 5th great grandfather
Charles LaPorte-Denis (1772 - )
Son of Pierre
is your 4th great grandfather
Jules La Porte (1815 - 1895)
Son of Charles
is your 3GRGR 
Moses Julius Laporte (1855 - 1941)
Son of Jules
is your 2nd great grandfather
Henri Andrew La Porte (1885 - 1955)
Son of Moses Julius
is your Great grandfather
Lloyd Vincent La Porte (1913 - 1992)
Son of Henri Andrew
is your Grandfather
Ronald Lloyd La Porte (1940 - )
Son of Lloyd Vincent
is your Father
Michael Robert La Porte
You are the son of Ronald Lloyd

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