Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Great Uncle Pierre Denis

I've got further linkage of the Denis-LaPorte connection recently. Another of my 3rd Great Uncles, Pierre, was born 4 Dec 1812,  Pierre was a later find -- he didn't show up in any search of ancestry.com's index of the Drouin Collection of Quebec Catholic records.

So I jotted down the birth dates of the uncles and aunts that I knew and bracketed off nine-month windows from the births of children I knew of (to be safe, not giving my 4th Great Grandmother any rest between delivery and conception and/or accounting for premature births . . . ) and started paging through the records.

Pierre's entry showed this:

The text follows the same format that has been seen in prior posts.  When it refers to the "legitimate marriage of" part, the name listed is "Charles Denys dit LaPorte . . .   and Marie Guenet."

The handwriting of this entry is different than earlier entries -- more slanted, more flowing, a lighter hand. It spells "Denis" with a "y" (Denys). Significantly, it includes as a "dit" name (background on "dit" names here). So, for years, my 4GRGR is referred to in church records simply as "Denis" and then this entry shows up "dit LaPorte."

This is further confirmation that we have the same person through the years, all responsible for the (now updated to) eleven children, and still looking for Francis Nelson LaPorte.

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