Saturday, September 1, 2012

LaPortes of Mooers, New York

It has been a long time coming, but I think that we now have some substantial proof that the LaPorte's of Northern New York -- Mooers, Beekmantown, etc., particularly Julian LaPorte (married to Sophie Roy), Julius LaPorte (married to Mary Jane Garrow), and likely Francis Nelson LaPorte (married to Elizabeth Dominy) are, in fact descendant from Jacques Georges de LaPorte dit St Georges.

The glitch seems to have been between this generation of men and their father, who appears to have been widely known as "Charles Denis" in Quebec, rather than as "Charles LaPorte."

I'll be posting further on the detailed explanation for the connection back to these and the JDLDSG (Jacques de La Porte dit St-Georges).


  1. My 2G Grandfather Alexander Laport(e) was born in West Chazy, Clinton County, NY in 1845 and died in Ticonderoga, Essex County, NY in 1923.
    His siblings were born in several Clinton County Communities such as Port Au Roche, Beekmantown etc.
    His parents were John (Jean Baptiste) and Julia )Genevieve Dufresne). I believe that John's parents were Jean Baptiste Laporte and Agathe Masse.
    I am wondering if we are related since we are descendants of Laporte families living in Clinton County about the same time period.
    What are your thoughts on this.

    1. I'm doing some further poking around in your ancestors. I think that my research is showing lines as indicated here:

      This isn't one of my trees, but the data is similar to my own.

      Originally, when I responded to your question, I was tracing your Alexander up through another Alexander. I think that I had this mistaken.

      It seems like the line goes:

      Alexander (your 2GRGR) b. 1845
      Jean Baptiste "John" (3GRGR) b. 1824 m. Julia Dufresne
      Jean Baptiste (4GRGR) b. 1784 m. Marie Agathe Masse

      From there, I think the lineage is as I described above.

      I had confused the fact that Jean Baptiste and Marie-Agathe Masse had sons both named Jean Bapiste (your direct ancestor) and Alexander, who would have been your 2GR Uncle.

      I hope that his helps.

      So, if Alexander is your 2GRGR, I think that makes us (our closest relationship, which goes through Masse's rather than LaPortes) is Second cousins 6x removed.

      Going through LaPortes, I think we are only half-relatives. Paul LaPorte (b. 1659) was our common LaPorte ancestor. I think he was your 8th Great Grandfather and he was my 7th Great Grandfather.

      But you seem to descend from the line through Paul's first wife, Marie Lussier (their son Paul), whereas I descend from his second wife Francoise Marguerite Matou dit Labrie (their son Denis).

      Hopefully, that clears things up a bit more. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. DDF:

    Some of my dates are different, but I think that there is some tie in.

    I know that Alexander LaPorte and Jean Baptiste LaPorte tie into my line of LaPortes at the Clinton County level, but I don't believe as close relatives. Rather, the closest relation I have (right now) is by marriage through the Masse family. According to my research,

    Agathe Masse had a sister, Sylvia Genevieve Masse and a brother, who I believe went by Joseph Moss or Mossey. Sylvia married Joseph Garrand, who was the father of Mary Jane Garrow, who married my 3GRGR, Julius.

    More indirectly, my research now -- although, I'll put a caveat that its not something that I've focused on a ton, so I would want to double check my work -- is that your Jean Baptiste (assuming he is your 4GRGR and we have the same people we are talking about), was son of Jean Baptiste and Marie F Soutiere Lagiroflee, that Jean Baptiste was the son of Jean Baptiste and Marie-Jeanne Claude Bessette, who was the son of Paul and Catherine Savary, who was the son of Paul and Marie Lussier, who was the son of Jacque de LaPorte dit St Georges and Nicole Duschene.

    That would make us only very distantly related, but related back through Jacques. Ping me with and email address if you'd like me to share my tree with you. I don't share it publicly because I consider it a "work in progress" and I know there are errors and "borrowed research" in there that is unverified. So, I'm hesitant to just put it out there. But with that caveat, I'm always happy to share with family.

    My dates for my "Alexander LaPorte" doesn't match up, though, to what you have -- which is not to say that I'm write or that we don't have the same person, it IS to say that some of my borrowed research may be spotty.

    I am, however, fairly confident with the Masse connections.

    1. There are at least 3 Alexander Laportes that lived in Clinton County about the same time. One Alexander born 1825 was the son of Jean Baptiste and Agathe Masses. He had a son also named Alexander that was born 6/22/1849 in Chazy, NY and died 1/20/1928 in Brandon, Rutland County, VT.
      I have not done any research beyond Jean Baptiste and Agathe Masse so I cannot verify if your assumption on who my Jean Baptiste's parents are.
      I am interested in your Masse research. My e-mail is nando13 at frontier dot com

    2. I'm "inviting" you to my tree on, so you should be able to see all of that research / lineage.

      If you don't have it already or haven't seen it, a great resource (although not complete) is Cyprien Tanguay's catalog of French Catholic families. It is avaialable in a variety of places, but here is where I downloaded it from:

      If you have a paid subscription, the Drouin Collection of French Catholic records is also very helpful.

      Finally, the PRDH has a great site -- not sourced, but pretty reliable insofar as its data.

      Good to meet you,

      P.S. I think that one of the other Alexander LaPortes of the same era ended up marrying a "Rock" in or around the Plattsburgh/Morrisonville area. The Rocks are another of the families of mine -- both my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were Rocks.

    3. Incidentally, for Masse's, my 6th GRGR (Denis LaPorte) married Marie Theresse Masse. She was the sister of Francois Masse (b. 1706). Francois had a son Jacques (b. 1738). Jacques had a son Pierre (b. 1764). Pierre was Marie-Agathe Masse's father.

    4. Thanks for all the information. I have Larock's and Laporte's in my family line. We are related somewhere along one of these lines. It remains to be seen how close the relationship is.

    5. Doug:

      Indeed -- as a VERY distant cousin of mine (who grew up in Mooers) told me, there is a TON of inter-marriage among families and within families. Everyone seems to be related somehow.

      I've got Rocks as direct ancestors and at least one Larock that I know of by marriage. Most of my folks seemed to be of the "Rock" rather than "LaRock" -- at least in the U.S.